Fluid Film Undercoating in McCall, ID

Your vehicle deserves the best protection money can buy. At Precision Detail, we believe there’s no better product than a Fluid Film® undercoating. Not only does Fluid Film® stop rust in its tracks, it provides lasting protection for your car—even against snow and rock salt in the winter months. We recommend this product to all McCall, ID drivers and stand by Fluid Film® applications as a preventive way to protect your vehicle.

What is Fluid Film®?

Fluid Film® is a spray-on undercoating and undercarriage treatment, designed to provide protection to your vehicle’s underbody components. It’s a combination of unrefined wool wax and selective polar agents and corrosion inhibitors, resulting in a unique, lanolin-based formulation.

This application protects against all forms of undercarriage damage, including rust, debris, corrosion, UV exposure, moisture, salt brines and much more.

Fluid Film® undercoating works not only by creating a barrier against corrosive agents, but also by healing itself over time. An underbody application can last up to 36 months, providing increased protection and lasting lubrication during that time.

The Benefits of Fluid Film

What makes Fluid Film® a choice application for your vehicle’s undercarriage? It provides ongoing, lasting benefits that few other underbody coatings can compete with! Some of the many advantages of the product include:

  • Excels in rust prevention, which is ideal for McCall, ID winters
  • Prevents pitting on chrome surfaces that can occur over time
  • Will not harm most paints or plastics, making it broadly applicable
  • Has exceptional lubricating properties to help vehicles maintain performance
  • Stops squeaking and groaning caused by poorly lubricated parts
  • Electrically non-conductive, perfect for electrical protection (ex. battery terminals)

Best of all, the long-lasting, self-healing nature of a Fluid Film® coating means you can rely on these benefits for potentially years! It’s a great product for your daily driver or your classic or collector’s car.

Protect Your Vehicle with Fluid Film®

There’s no telling what kind of abuse your vehicle will take out on the road—especially when winter visits McCall, Archabal, and Lake Fork, ID. To safeguard your undercarriage against corrosion, debris, rust and more, turn to Precision Detail for a Fluid Film® undercoating application. Contact us and call 208-634-3013 to schedule an appointment and to learn more about the benefits of Fluid Film®. We also offer stereo and remote start installations!