Our Services

Detailing can be defined as the systematic rejuvenation and protection of the various surfaces of a vehicle. Vehicles are very expensive today and detailing is the easiest way to maintain the like new appearance!

Engine Detailing will allow for your vehicle to run cooler without the dirt and grease buildup. With a clean engine you will be able to detect leaks faster, and a clean engine shows the vehicle has been well maintained.

Windshield Repair is a structural repair with very big advantages. Replacing a windshield can leak water, have annoying air leaks, and could possibly be replaced with a less quality piece of glass than the factory installed. We can fix chips and cracks!

Headlight Restoration is a must for vehicles with yellow, chalky, foggy, and or heavy amounts of oxidation. It is a safety hazard when driving at night and also gives the vehicle a pore appearance. Oxidation on the outer surface of the headlamp lessons the night vision by more than 10%.

Ozone Treatment is a odor eliminator (will not hide odor) which kills all bacteria and germs. This service is perfect for people with allergies relating to scent, food spills, animal odors, smoke, and anything with a horrible smell. Leaves the vehicle smelling incredibly clean!

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