Car Detailing in McCall, ID

Every auto detailing service delivered by Precision Detail is completely customized to your car. Whether you need full interior and exterior car detailing or more specific services from our à la carte menu, we make sure your car gets the attention it deserves. Drivers throughout McCall, Archabal, and Lake Fork, ID bring their vehicles to our auto detailing company’s car detailing service because they know they’re getting the best value for their dollar and services delivered by trained professionals who care.

Interior Detailing

We pull out all the stops when it comes to interior auto detailing services! We completely vacuum, shampoo and extract your upholstery, clean and condition leather, clean windows for a streak-free shine and even purge odors or smells from your interior. Our attention to detail results in immaculate levels of cleanliness and you’ll quickly be reminded of that new car smell again.

Exterior Detailing

For us, exterior car detailing is a labor of love. We hand-wash every vehicle before applying an all-in-one polish and wax. Then, we dress tires, clean windows, clean door jambs and take care of any minor spots or blemishes that might linger. Your car is going to look like it just rolled off the lot by the time we’re done with it!

Full Detailing

Compare our full auto detailing service to any other in McCall, ID and our work speaks for itself. We deep clean your upholstery and leave your interior looking, feeling and smelling fresh—right down to the air quality. Outside, we hand-wash, carefully wax and expertly safeguard your exterior using professional-grade protectants. The result is a vehicle that’s back to a factory condition—or as near as humanly possible.

The Finest Detailing Brands

We believe every vehicle deserves to benefit from world-class detailing and undercoating products. Whether you’re looking for a ceramic finish that offers long-lasting benefits or a rust protectant for your undercarriage, we’ve got it. We stake the results of our work on a handful of trusted, top-quality brands, including: 303 Aerospace, Fluid Film, IGL Coatings, Meguiars, Menzerna and Rupes.

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Hand Wash

  • Rinse exterior with 180 degree water to remove stubborn dirt, grime and bugs
  • Light bug removal
  • Hand Wash exterior paint with PH balanced Soap
  • Chamois Dry
  • Clean wheel faces, tires and wheel wells
  • Dress tires with All Season Dressing
  • Lite vacuum of the interior
  • Clean rubber floor mats
  • Wipe down interior dash-door panels and plastics
  • Clean windows with tint safe window cleaner

Express Detail

  • Rinse exterior with 180 degree water to remove stubborn dirt, grime and bugs
  • Heavy bug removal
  • Hand Wash exterior paint with PH balanced Soap
  • Apply express liquid wax—protections up to 8 weeks
  • Chamois Dry
  • Clean wheel faces, tires and wheel wells
  • Dress tires with All Season Dressing
  • Vacuum the interior
  • Clean floor mats
  • Light dressing on the interior dash-door panels and plastics—no heavy cleaning
  • Clean windows with tint safe window cleaner

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Exterior Detail

  • Rinse exterior with 180 degree water to remove stubborn dirt, grime and bugs
  • Pre-treat exterior with all purpose cleaner to break down grime
  • Hand Wash exterior paint with PH balanced Soap
  • Heavy Bug & Tar Removal
  • Clay paint & glass of bonded contamination
  • Clean Wheel face & spokes, Tires & Wheel Wells
  • Pre-treat and scrub emblems, moldings of dirt/grime
  • Chamois Dry
  • Wipe Door Jams of dirt & grease
  • Apply All In One Polish/Wax (removes light scratches & swirl marks)
  • Polish exterior Chrome bumpers, grille, handles, pillar posts & exhaust tips
  • Treat exterior Tires & Trim with premium exterior dressing
  • Clean Exterior Windows

Interior Detail

  • Vacuum interior thoroughly & Air Purge to remove loose dirt and debris
  • Shampoo carpets/upholstery with proper ph balanced shampoo & Hot Water Extract Carpets or Vapor Steam as needed
  • Clean interior door panels, vents & leather with Vapor Steam
  • Apply satin water-based dressing to interior panels, dash, center console & trim to rejuvenate the interior
  • Condition vinyl & leather with Optimum Leather Product for a soft and non-slick seat
  • Clean Interior Windows with tint safe window cleaner

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Full Detail

Includes interior and exterior listed above, many AL a Carte options to add and choose from

Engine Detail

  • Degrease engine compartment and underside of hood.
  • Pressure wash with 180 degree water and reapply degreaser
  • Scrub engine compartment to loosen grease, dirt and heavy staining.
  • Rinse engine compartment and inspect.
  • Apply water based dressing for protection and shine

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Ceramic Coating w/ Paint Correction

  • Prep wash vehicle for paint correction and coating—wash, heavy bug/tar removal, Decon paint and clay vehicle exterior surface to remove bonded contamination–clean wheel faces, spokes and tires
  • Rejuvenate the paint of swirls, heavy scratches and imperfections.
  • Pre coat the vehicle for coating and inspection
  • Coat with Quartz + Base and Top coat— 2 year warranty
  • Apply sealant on top of coating and wheels—wheel coating available
  • Dress exterior trim and wheel wells—-trim coating available
  • Polish chrome and emblems
  • Clean windows—window coating available

A La Carte Options

  • Water Repellant Exterior Windows $15
  • Wheel Sealant $20 per wheel
  • Fabric Protectant $35
  • Windshield Repair $45
  • Paint Sealant Upgrade
  • (for exterior & complete detail only) $50
  • Headliner Vapor Steam starting at $75
  • Engine Detailing $65
  • Polish Exterior Windows starting at $100
  • Ozone Treatment $60
  • Headlight Restoration Starting at $60 ea.
  • Paint Correction—heavy scratch and defect removal call for pricing
  • Ceramic Coating call for pricing

We Make Your Car Look Brand New

From your daily driver to your car show classic, Precision Detail handles every car detailing job with the utmost care. From top to bottom, inside and out, our auto detailing company’s car detailing services leaves no square inch untouched and use proven products to produce exceptional results. Contact us today at 208-634-3013 to discuss your needs with an experienced member of our car and boat detailing team.