About Us

The professionals at Precision Detail are experts in the auto reconditioning industry and take pride in what they do. They use only the best detailing products by Maguire’s to rejuvenate and make your boat or auto look new again. Detailing is an essential service for an owner’s car and all other vehicles in maintaining a good condition. Precision Detail is owner-operated assuring personal attention to every vehicle. Precision’s quality work and dedication to exceeding client expectations are what set Precision Detail apart from the competition. We sincerely thank all of our current clients for their loyalty and support that has helped us grow. We look forward to serving our new clients.

Tyler Bork has had a passion for auto-detailing all of his life. Through the years, Tyler has provided various levels of auto care for members of his family and members in the Valley County community. Tyler has always taken pride in making cars look their best. Tyler is a graduate from WyoTech Technical School and has taken additional training from Rightlook. In 2007, Tyler decided to turn his passion into his dream business and founded Precision Detail with his brother Jared Bork.

Jared Bork has lived in McCall since 1996 with his Brother Tyler, Mother Cindy Jones, and Stepfather Steve Jones. Jared has always been an athletic member of the McCall community. When not at Precision Detail, you will find Jared practicing various sports or coaching children in McCall. Jared attended North Idaho College in Couer d’Alene studying business on a full ride scholarship for soccer. His Brother’s passion for cars took effect on Jared and he partnered up with Tyler to open Precision Detail in 2007. Jared has trained along side with his brother since.